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Welcome to The Three Rivers Learning Trust

The Three Rivers Learning Trust was established in 2011 and consists of eight Schools. These schools have a long and proud history of providing an excellent education service to the local population. Each school and academy in the Learning Trust has its own individual ethos reflecting what makes it special and unique, and yet, fitting within our overall goal and mission.

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Providing excellent education

We educate over 3,300 students across 8 schools between the ages of 3 and 19 and employ over 500 staff. We are a charity supported by over 70 governance volunteers who hold us to account in their role as critical friends. We are proud Northumbrians; more than happy to welcome schools inside 
or outside Northumberland.

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Our Mission

We are a collaborative and caring learning community where all partners are treated equally and with respect. We believe that by sharing and working together we enhance learning and create opportunities. We want to prepare our children and young people for life, ensuring that they have the skills, abilities and motivation to succeed.

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