Meet Our Members

Roger Vaughan

My career has included technical consultancy, shipbuilding and academic research in project management, but more recently into the issues surrounding information sharing within the public sector, particularly children’s services. I also served a spell on the National Curriculum Council. I have been a school governor first with Longhorsley First School, then with KEVI and now as a Director of The Three Rivers Learning Trust. I am most interested in helping develop the strategy of the Learning Trust, including the best mix of education pathways, enrichment and skills. I am married with six grown up children, four of whom were at KEVI.

Paul Carvin

I have been involved in education all my working life. I started out as a Geography teacher and had experience as a senior leader in a large secondary school. I then moved into advisory and inspection work, including for Ofsted. Before retiring, I was Head of Education for Gateshead Council. I am Chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Education Committee of The Three Rivers Learning Trust and am interested in promoting high standards and ensuring that all students receive the very best curriculum to suit their needs and expectations. I have two grown up children, both of whom attended KEVI. ‚Äč

Sylvie Walker-Barras

Originally from Switzerland, I have lived in Morpeth for the last 22 years with my husband and have two children, one attending KEVI and one attending Newminster. I am a management accountant and have worked for a variety of companies from our own engineering business to large multi-nationals. I became a school governor first at Newminster, then at St Roberts RC First School and now as a Director of The Three Rivers Learning Trust. I am passionate about languages taught at school and have an interest in SEN provision.