Governance Recruitment

If you are interested in being a Trusteeor an Academy Councillor please contact us.

We recognise that to be the most robust, high performing and effective of learning trusts, we must welcome and thrive on having a sufficient diverse range of viewpoints…we need to be alert to the risk of becoming dominated by one particular mind-set or strand of opinion. We believe that we need the right people with the necessary skills, time and commitment, and sufficient diversity of perspectives to ensure internal challenge.

Meaningful and effective engagement with parents, staff and the wider community is vital. Trustees must govern in the best interest of all our schools and students; it is not their role to represent a stakeholder group. Stakeholder engagement is an important, but distinct, activity for which the learning trust needs to assure itself that appropriate structures and arrangements are in place. Trustees themselves should seek to assist the Learning Trust by building relationships with business and other employers, in order to enhance the education and raise the aspirations of students.

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