Board of Trustees

The Board of the Learning Trust can have up to 15 trustees.

They have a wide range of backgrounds, including: education, finance, legal and business. Many trustees have a close affiliation with the schools – as parents of current or past students or as past students themselves. Others have wider links to the region.

The Board maintains a skills audit of trustees to ensure that the Board has the range of skills necessary to operate effectively. There is one board committee: the audit committee; which is responsible for effective internal and external audit of Trust activities.

Apart from being accountable to students and parents/carers the Board is also accountable to the Department for Education for the proper operation of its schools.

Whilst we are delighted by the academic achievement of our students, the Learning Trust prides itself on developing and nurturing outstanding young people well prepared for life’s challenges, as described by our ethos.

The legal structure of The Three Rivers Learning Trust Ltd is is a charitable company limited by the guarantee of its members. The company is bound by both charity law and company law.

The company receives grant income for the operation of each school as well as capital funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.