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Dedication and commitment

A digital banner showing an image of the late Queen
It is difficult to reflect on anything at the moment without referencing the reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II. For sustained dedication to duty there is perhaps no modern equivalent. She has remained poised above any sense of political or personal gain for more than 70 years, representing the very best of dedicated service & commitment. In times when personal gain, whether financial or influential, seems a driving force and motivation behind many aspects of life, it is refreshing to be reminded that many careers and services are quietly and diligently fulfilled by so many people. Our schools feature prominently in this grouping. Year on year our school staff, governing volunteers and other supporters ensure that young people are educated, guided, and generally set upon the road to maturity & citizenship. This is achieved without fuss, and without any desire other than "advancing education for the public good" as our Trust Vision Statement declares.

Whatever your role in our Trust you all share our late Queen's aspiration towards achieving good for its own sake: because it is a worthy goal in itself; and because education is the foundation of our current & future society.

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