Chantry Middle School, Morpeth rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

2 female pupils in playground laughing, dressed in Chantry school uniform

Chantry Middle School in Morpeth has received a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating in the midst of two of the most challenging years schools have ever faced.

Despite the disruption caused by a global pandemic, Chantry Middle School leaders and staff have continued their relentless pursuit to improve the school, resulting in achieving the Good grading.

Ofsted praised leaders’ efforts since the previous inspection, highlighting the quality of an ambitious curriculum offer, standards of pupils’ behaviour and the relentless focus on pupil safety and wellbeing.

The school’s values were highlighted throughout the report, in particular a strong culture of reading. Pupils showed inspectors how they are “tolerant and accepting. They celebrate differences and clearly understand their role in creating a happy school and society. This is, in part, due to the opportunities in lessons and after school for pupils to develop personally or improve their physical and mental health.”

During the inspection it was noted that teachers expect pupils to “work hard in lessons and the quality of pupils’ written work and their answers to teachers’ questions are much stronger than they have been in the past.”

Headteacher Bryan Stewart said: 

“I am delighted that the school, pupils and its staff have finally been recognised for all the hard work and commitment in bringing about these high standards.

As with all schools, it has been an incredibly tough time and this outcome represents a remarkable achievement in the midst of both the pandemic and under a newly introduced Ofsted Framework.

We will continue to build upon this success in our drive to provide the best possible educational opportunities for our pupils.”

Chantry Middle School Chair of the Academy Council, Helen Clegg, commented: 
“Chantry Middle School has come such a long way in the last few years, and the governors are delighted that Ofsted has recognised all the progress that has been made.

We are so proud of all the pupils and the staff at the school, who have made this progress possible. We will not rest on our laurels, but continue to strive to make Chantry an even better school in the coming months and years.

We know the hard work and dedication that everyone in CMS has undertaken in the last few years and at last this has been recognised officially by Ofsted.

The school and Trust leaders have invested heavily in the development of the school facilities in order to provide a richer experience for pupils whilst at school. Congratulations to Mr Stewart, his staff and pupils for an excellent and thoroughly deserved outcome. Chantry Middle School is a delightful school offering innovation and excellence in education.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Three Rivers Learning Trust Simon Taylor, said: 
“This turnaround is all down to the staff and their hard work. We work as a team and we all believe in and are passionate about our vision. The school and the trust have made significant improvements and it is fantastic that Ofsted have now confirmed it.”

At the heart of the ‘Good’ Ofsted rating was the interaction the pupils had with the inspectors, This is what Annabel and Martha had to say:

Annabel in Year 8, “I enjoy the opportunities that Chantry offers outside of the classroom. I love taking part in extra curricular sports. The new 3G pitch is great for PE and for matches.”

Martha in Year 8 “All the teachers encourage me to improve my work without feeling pressured. I am more confident because of this environment.”

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