Abbeyfields New Outdoor Education Centre

3 children play outside with sticks

Abbeyfields First School have set their focus towards an inspiring and inclusive way of developing children beyond purely academic skills and giving a rounded educational experience. 

They strive to instil a positive mind-set towards school through engaging and stimulating outdoor learning experiences that complement indoor learning and provide links to the National Curriculum, Early Years Framework and Character Education for an enhanced and unique learning experience. 

Currently, Abbeyfields are embarking on a huge project of redevelopment by installing a revolutionary Outdoor Education Centre on site. The school already has a thriving Forest School that has been part of the school’s provision for the past ten years. Mrs Sandra Ford, Headteacher says “Thanks to the Three Rivers Learning Trust’s support and commitment to our ambitious vision, and to Green Roof Structures for planning and building the Centre, we can realise our big plans for the future of outdoor learning at Abbeyfields. A golden thread of outdoor learning will permeate our curriculum and provide the children with inspirational and meaningful experiences to truly enhance their understanding and to build their knowledge and confidence.”

Set to open in September 2021, the Outdoor Education Centre aims to progressively develop the children’s Forest School skills and an appreciation of their local environment including how they can make a positive difference to the climate change agenda. The older children will consider sustainability through the John Muir Award in the spirit of fun, exploration and adventure. Outdoor learning in science investigations, geography field studies and design technology projects will also be facilitated through this new resource.

The impacts of developing outdoor education are significant in helping the children not only in the classroom, but in the outside world and in their future lives too. 

Benefits, include:

  • Building confidence and independence

  • Improving communication and social skills

  • Developing resilience and a growth mindset

  • Nurturing empathy for others and nature

  • Managing risks

  • Learning by experience

  • Honing knowledge and understanding

  • Improving physical and mental health 

  • Inspiring motivation and concentration

  • Learning to be responsible citizens and appreciating the sense of community 

Overall, the new development has a lot of potential to inspire the children and we can’t wait to see the impact of this on their learning and personal development. It is very exciting!

To stay tuned for more updates about the opening of Abbeyfields Outdoor Education Centre, please visit their website. You can also follow the forest school or main school Twitter accounts to keep posted about events.

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