The Future

We believe that the interests of the young people in the Learning Trust’s academies, their families and the wider learning communities will be best served by an expansion of the Learning Trust.

Educationally, this will enable us to provide a coherent framework for continuous school improvement built around our Teaching School Alliance. There will be more continuity of curriculum and opportunity; a more strategic approach to admissions, transition and progression; enhanced community engagement; and give every student the opportunity to maximise their talents and achievements.

For our staff, they will be able to prosper as part of an organisation which attracts, retains and develops high quality staff across all areas, providing greater opportunities and potential for development. Furthermore, staff will have both expectation and entitlement of continuous professional development and high quality training.

We continue to develop the highest professional standards to drive aspirational and inspirational performance of both governance and leadership. This enables us to have a deep knowledge of each academy to enable effective and robust challenge, support and continuous improvement.

Finally, an expanded Learning Trust would enable sufficient, suitable and sustainable high quality buildings and facilities to accommodate the growing Morpeth and Rothbury catchment school population; together with a strategic approach to population growth, the location of schools, the organisation of learning and to improve the overall quality of facilities. This would be supported by sustainable, financial security to enable effective, long term planning for outstanding staffing and resources.